About Me

I am Nour Mazloum and I am passionate about the physical, intellectual and mental health of my community. That is why, as a student and young professional, I have committed my time over the past three years on the Board of Directors for Sustainable Kingston and on the Board of Directors of Sexual Assault Centre Kingston. During my time on Sustainable Kingston’s board, we expanded our Green Economy Program into municipalities in the surrounding areas. Our Green Economy Program helped reduce over 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide just in 2017.

While I was on the Board of Directors of the Sexual Assault Centre Kingston, We expanded its services to support survivors from all genders. As the chair of the Policy Committee, part of my role was to help update the by-laws to fit our progressing community standards.

I believe in supporting my community and giving back to it. I want to enhance the experience of all public school students. By fighting to keep local schools open, enhancing extracurricular activities, and putting the mental and physical health of the students first. I want to empower the next generation and show them that their creativity and dreams matter to the community by helping to prepare them for the new technological and social challenges facing our communities. By supporting the future generations’ needs we will be looking at a prosperous future for our community. With your support, I will make sure parent and child concerns are heard and addressed.